Willy Wonka Online Slot Games

Preface the games with a look at the series as a whole. Every game takes place in a bizarre chocolate factory.

They share symbols. And Gene Wilder in purple and top hat always wins. In some games, he’s stacked and bigger. These are higher paying movie characters. Verruca Salt and Charlie are two.

Each game has Oompa Loompas. Their role is in the random bonuses, not symbols. It has expanding reels and the Oompa Loompa melody.

They’re all bonus rounds. The possibility of winning multiple bonus games adds to the fun. Avoiding repetition. UP GAMES: Jackpot, free spins (with big symbols) and pick games

Unwrap a chocolate bar to reveal a ‘golden ticket’. And a progressive!

The Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka)

Slots Wonka

Compared to other casino slots, the original Willy Wonka slot does well. Compare this to the games below. Rather than curved and towering panels, this game has two standard sized slots.

SCIENTIFIC GAMES USED THE In the base game bonus, the Oompa Loompa’s expand the reels and add wilds. Characters and Gene Wilder icons adorn the reels.

Boni Chocolate Factory

  • Golden elevator symbols activate bonus rounds. On the top screen, the elevator stops at a bonus game.
  • A few free spins for Charlie or Joe. Pick a candy to see how many you get. A huge 2 or 3 reel symbol (depending on your elevator character) appears during your spin.
  • Pick Bonuses: Pick candies for cash prizes. Some candies hide the low-paying ones while others re-enter them.
  • The boat follows a simulated river. It also gives out cash-for-candy You’ll see a movie before moving on to the second tunnel.
  • The elevator can award cash (coins) for various bonuses. These aren’t as big as the others, but some are.
  • To win a golden ticket shot at the end of each bonus round, play the Oompa Loompa base game.
  • Wonka: Pure Imagination
  • No Limit Slots
  • Pure Imagination is a film song. It also has two screens. Screens. A straight one slopes away. Enriching the setting with fun extras

Egg Respins

It also has a golden egg respin bonus. You keep collecting golden eggs. meter filling the upper The eggs fill up the meters. All bonuses are chosen at random once the eggs are used. Games:

Bonus: Pick bubbles (how many depends on the eggs). They float up and hit upper cabinet rewards. You may win up to four prizes in a row. Top of screen jackpot rewards

Free Spins Bonus: This bonus has two parts. First, Oompa Loompa symbols dangle from the reels. Then you get big symbol free spins. They can cover 3 or more reels, resulting in multi-line wins.

A greedy Veruca Salt clip is followed by a series of gifts. The female demands ‘more!’

Wonka Slot

New screen layout for World of Wonka. Three screens encircle the player Above them is a screen with a bonus wheel, making an outstanding cabinet. It too uses motion sensors. With a big win, you get to wave and pop candy.

The curved screen is a nice touch. The monsters spread out either side of the reels as they sing. Others with ropes seem to row. Wilds swarm across the screen. The cherry on top is a win multiplier cart/train.

Winko Wonka Winko Aeternal Gobstoppers

Always-stopper symbols trigger the bonus. Triggering a ‘Wonka Winko’ game with three or more symbols The advantages:

Enormous symbols are held in place by mechanical arms and pulleys. Payouts are highest for Charlie and Grandpa Joe. With this bonus, you can win big!

A picks bonus. You collect candy from the river, choosing between nearby and distant.

Big progressive and generous coin wins on the Bonus Wheel. You can also win the progressive by spinning the Gene Wilder jackpot symbols on the reels.

Each bonus round requires you to unwrap a chocolate bar for a golden ticket.

Poker Slots at Wonka

A 360-degree screen rotates on top of three Dream Factory slots to show extra bonuses.

This game is unique. No Oompa Loompa game feature. instead of a random Veruca Salt. The highest paying Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka symbols appear on the screen shortly after. Then a wheel shows ‘good egg’ (spin) or ‘bad egg’ (no turn) (game ends).

They also have a jackpot picks game. A gobstopper on reels 1 and 5 triggers this. You pick three jackpots while watching a fun sequence. Jackpot icons can also win jackpots.

Wonkavator (Willy Wonka)

This game’s immersive curved screen concept was pushed up. Wonkavator’s apex dwarfs you. It’s all there. The candies and reel characters. There’s also on-reel. Got a Willy Wonka stack? Get a respin with a wild stack. Stacks of this can be worth striking.

Oompa Loompas return They raise the reels to maximize the big screen. They then leap onto the reels, moving wilds (or in some cases both).

Up to 10 Elevator Bonus Spins

Gold elevator icons are required for bonuses. BONUS CHOICE The screen’s top has free spins, wheel bonuses, and bubble picks. One by one, they depart. Wonkavator features include:

Free Spins: These feature the huge characters (or wilds). Because of this, the reels repeat themselves up the cabinet. A full reel set or a portion of it. Then add more wins.

10 golden wheel spins or 10 wheel spins with larger prizes A ticket allows you to use your ten spins. Less multiplier spins or 10 lower-prize spins.

In a bubble tube, Charlie and Grandpa Joe. Pick bubbles for cash and multipliers. They win when they reach the top.

The golden ticket game ends with chocolate bars opened.

Wonka Slots

This theme is ideal for slots. Now you can play slots on Facebook. Each of the five games is enjoyable. The Oompa Loompa bonus song may stay with you.

The latest games use motion sensors and curved cabinets. With bonus features and progressive jackpots, it’s no surprise these slots are so popular.