Terminator Online Slot Game

It’s hard to imagine a more iconic character or film series for a slot game than Terminator 2, and Microgaming has done it justice. It not only has stunning graphics and animations throughout, but it also has a max win of nearly 3000 times your stake.

We all love the Terminator movies. It’s a must-see for action and robot fans alike. This Microgaming slot machine is based on the sequel to Terminator 2. Deriving from the film, it offers a unique perspective. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the film; Microgaming’s quality will ensure a fun time.

There are 243 ways to win on Terminator 2. Microgaming has released a fully remastered 2021 version of the 2014 Terminator 2 online slot. The original’s T-800 Vision feature rewards all high-value symbols with cash. A transforming symbol and 1,024 ways to win are part of the Free Spins feature. Read our Terminator 2 review.

Terminator Extras

There are two supplemental features included with Terminator 2: The outcome of the spin determines the instantaneous bonus prizes that can be won from one of them. In addition to this, there is the standard round of free spins, during which there are additional ways to win the game.The T-800 Vision feature has a chance to activate following the conclusion of any standard game spin that results in a loss. The Terminator scans each of the reels in search of potential targets. Higher value targets include the Terminator, John Connor, Sarah Connor, and the T-800. In addition, Sarah Connor and the T-100 are very significant.

If they are injured by the Terminator, they are obligated to make a payment to the corporation. Because it contains the most information, the T-1000 symbol is the one that is scanned very late in the process. The maximum payout that is even remotely possible is 129 times your total wager. Last but not least, while using T-800 Vision, you need to look for a scatter symbol that resembles an orb. One of the orbs is required to trigger the Free Spins bonus round.


Not to mention the T-800 Vision mode, which is activated after any spin in the base game that does not result in a winning combination. This mode is triggered after any spin in the base game. In the event that this transpires, the activation of the round of free spins requires nothing more than the appearance of a single scatter symbol. Before it is activated in any mode other than T-800, there must first be a total of three occurrences of this condition. If you are playing in the T-800 Vision mode, you have a chance to win a cash prize if you get any of the character symbols.

The free spins round is the most exciting part of the game because during this portion of the game the number of winning combinations can increase from 243 to 1,024. This bonus round is normally activated in a regular base game when either three scatter symbols or just one scatter symbol appears anywhere on the screen. During the bonus round, the T-1000 sign has a chance to transform into any other character symbol, ultimately leading to the best possible prize being awarded to the player.

When the “10 free spins” sign is consumed in flames, this indicates that you have successfully activated the hidden “Hot Mode” variation of the free spins game. This version of the game has been updated to include better reels, which results in prizes that are even more valuable.


What exactly is meant by the term “T2 RTP”?

The profitability of Terminator 2 is currently sitting at 96.62 percent. Because hits occur in 43.67 percent of all spins, nearly half of all attempts at the game result in the awarding of a prize. This is because hits occur in the center of the wheel.

Why do I never seem to be the winner of anything?

When you play Terminator 2 online, the maximum payout that can occur during any single spin is 2,952 times the amount that you wagered overall. You have an additional row, giving you a total of 1,024 different winning possibilities with this one.

Is there a bonus round that you can participate in when you play Terminator 2?

It is accurate to say that players have access to ten free turns during the round. Your chances of victory have significantly improved thanks to the addition of an extra row, which brings the total number of possible outcomes to 1,024. Transforms into a character symbol that has a high value, thereby increasing the player’s chances of winning.

Is production on the next Terminator movie already underway?

Yes. It is not only based on the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but it also includes scenes that were taken from that movie. On Online-Hollywoodslotgames.com, you can play the Terminator 2 slot machine for free on any device you choose.