Star Wars Online Slot Games

The Star Wars casino’s slots games are made with a few buttons for maximum payout. Star Wars: A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, and The Empire Strikes Back are featured in these games. What is the main game rule? To play one of the games requires 30 credits, but to play all three simultaneously requires 90 credits. The Star Wars theme is appealing, so people play these games nonstop. The intriguing trilogy was made in one of the most popular casino games ever.

Jedi Slot

Sci-fi has always been a “thing,” but Star Wars exploded its popularity. Nobody could have predicted the cultural impact it would have, earning it an army of loyal fans around the world.

With a billion dollar film franchise, it’s no surprise that a slew of knock-off products have appeared.

Star Wars, a new online slots game from 777igt, appears to be one of those knock-offs. This developer’s games usually feature questionable movie-inspired themes, but this one goes in a different direction.

Star Wars certainly doesn’t stick to the film franchise’s formula, adding some bizarre elements to the mix. If Star Wars by IGT777 has piqued your interest, read the review below.


The strangeness continues in Star Wars, where the expected meets the unexpected. Almost every spaceship and robot has a spider or a red-faced monster. In reality, what’s shown here is illogical. Despite this, the symbols in this game have some benefits. Just look at how great the brush metal looks on the low value symbols.

Symbolically, Star Wars is one step forward, two steps back.


The game itself has several Star Wars casino features. Players can use the Rapid Below Feature and the E-Wok Adventure casino bonus on the game slots. There are also three bonus rounds where players can pass and win a lot of prizes. The game has three casino bonus rounds: Yavin, Hoth, and Emperor’s Final Battle. The first casino bonus round involves destroying the Star of Death as an X-wing fighter. The next bonus round destroys a rebel’s army shield generation. In the final bonus round, players must choose between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. These rounds are fun for Star Wars fans and can bring them a lot of money.

Cheap and Unimpressive

In terms of bonuses, 777igt have done nothing to break the mould with Star Wars. You’ll have wilds and free spins, but nothing more. That means you can forget about any second screen Star Wars experience.

Lightsabers Prepared

Thankfully, Star Wars is a simple game to learn. Other slots’ complexity is replaced by a simple set of buttons. The bottom of the screen has buttons for Credits, Bet Lines, Auto Spin, Spin, and Bet Max, while the top shows the total jackpot. Button for button, and display for display, there’s nothing unusual about this.

Star Wars’ Force Awakens!

777igt is a “Jekyll and Hyde” casino software developer, delivering amazing slot games one week and sub-par the next. Star Wars is a game that falls into the latter category, despite a few notable positives.

We wouldn’t recommend Star Wars, but it could be a viable alternative in a pinch.