Ghostbusters Online Slot Game

The Ghostbuster slot machine in Las Vegas is a blast. Something about this game keeps me coming back to it in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.

Ghostbusters is still a popular slot machine game in Las Vegas, with new versions appearing every year to keep us entertained.

How Ghostbusters Spawned Two Supernatural Slots

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” sang Ray Parker Jr. in Ghostbusters. After a flop sequel in 1989 and an all-female reboot in 2016, Ghostbusters:Afterlife will be released in cinemas in November 2021. After all, it’s not too late to learn more about the Ghostbusters franchise, its films, and of course, its slot games.

There are new Ghostbusters slot machine games every year to keep us entertained in Las Vegas. The Ghostbusters slot machine was a huge hit in 2011. Popularity and the abundance of movie clips make this game difficult to describe. When you play, you’re transported back to the film. Aside from that, you help bust ghosts. The game has so many bonuses and features that even the most jaded real money gambling players in Las Vegas seem to enjoy it.

Ghostbuster Slots

Like the Vegas version, Ghostbusters Online has all the popular features. Given the game’s complexity, the creators deserve praise. However, if you live in the US or Canada, you cannot play online. Because of licensing restrictions, you can only play in real-money casinos. Visit our list of Canadian Online Casinos if you live in one of the restricted countries. You may also enjoy our Australian online casinos page.

Ghouls’ Bonuses

Ghostbusters pays out regularly, if not big. How to make money with Stay Puff? You get free spins and sticky wilds. Getting sticky wilds early in the free spins bonus pays off big. Unlike the Ballroom and Psychic Bonuses, the Stay Puff Bonus is rare. I had to play the game ten times for a half hour each time before I got that bonus.

It’s one of the best things about Ghostbusters slots. It appears that the game’s main servers have added more of these over time. In one case, a ghost crosses the screen, leaving a trail of wilds in its wake Sticky wild symbols like the Flying Monkeys in Oz. It’s unpredictable and the longer it goes, the more money accumulates. I also like the Ghostbusters bonus symbols. The third reel will speed up if you get the first two. In Vegas slots, we all love the adrenaline rush.

Music is as vital as sound in a game. “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” plays in the background.

If you liked the first film, Ghostbusters should be on your Vegas wishlist. But in the meantime, please enjoy our free version – it’s fast, fun, and free!