Movie Slots

Film-themed slots

If you're sick of Egyptian and superhero slots, try the next best thing: movie slots. Movie-themed slot machines can provide a unique gaming experience. Plus, if you pick the right game, you can watch exclusive movie content! This guide will explain movie-themed slots and recommend the best.

The Movie Themed Slots

A “movie-themed slot” is one that is themed after a famous film. There are no restrictions on film genre or production year. There's even a slot machine based on a 1930s film. The film must be sufficiently popular to warrant a slot machine.

Even though they share a theme, these games are categorized differently. So, for example, all movie-themed slots are not video slots: There are still simple fruit slots and 3D movie-themed slots. You can find a suitable option for your preferences.

Movie-Themed Slots

There are plenty of movie-themed online slot games offering big prizes and fun and lucrative bonus games. Choose from genres like action, adventure, horror, cult, comedy, mythology and even joker themed slots on TheSlotBuzz!

Popular Films

Enlist in the war against the evil witch Muriel and her henchmen in the new online slot game Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. On your quest to eradicate the world of witches, you'll be armed with Scattered Crossbows and supported by Wild sympathetic troll Edward.

To see a masked Mexican wrestler save his local orphanage, watch Nacho Libre. Enter to win 3,000 coins by defeating wrestlers from the movie like Esqueleto and Dynasty. With a 15,000 jackpot, this Isoftbet slot won't be going anywhere soon!

Online gambling has become a popular form of entertainment for millions of people, with the most popular being movie-themed slot machines available for free online. Internet players love winning real money! Slot machines appeal to gamblers due to their simplicity and quick payouts. No rules, just learn the winning features and combinations! Spin the reels of your favorite slot machine game. Modern gaming machines have stunning graphics and animations. Slots games have exciting sound effects or popular soundtracks. Slots with 3 or 5 reels, 3D, or progressive jackpots! Find great real money online slots based on popular movies. Symbols of high rewards or bonus games are always central characters. (source)

Theme-based Symbols

Symbols, rules, and features are all the same. You don't need to re-learn the rules if you've played a movie slot before. However, as one might expect, the symbols of these games are based on the films. So instead of Q, J, K, 10, you see pictures of the movie characters. Symbols like wild and scatter are also shown with a film's poster.

Bonus rounds such as free spins and mini-games remain unchanged. However, in movie-themed slots, almost all bonus rounds feature actual film clips. For example, if you activate the bonus round in Terminator 2, you will first see an iconic film scene. In fact, some scenes are exclusive to the game! Small surprises add to the fun of movie-themed slots.