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Article - Sports and personality management - Why it is needed

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Greg Tingle interviews Ron Ziemiecki, Director / Promoter of Aussie People - 13th January 2004

Greg Tingle interviews Jeff Fenech, Boxing Trainer and former World Champion - 8th January 2004

Greg Tingle interviews Richard Cashman, Editor & Writer, Walla Walla Press - 25th September 2003

Greg Tingle interviews Martin Cook, Director of The Gaming Game - 3rd April 2003

Greg Tingle interviews Rebecca Wilson - 14th April 2003

Greg Tingle interviews Ric Drasin, wrestler, bodybuilder, actor, self defense - 18th June 2003


Article on Shane Warne - Dial S for Shane, by Dane Crandon

Women's long battle for right to compete - 14th March 2004

Article: The Great Aussie Promoters

Article: The Great Yankee Promoters

Arnold Schwarzenegger: King of bodybuilding, movies, politics and media, by Greg Tingle - 8th Aug 03


Shane Warne

Mick Cutajar

Colin Handley

Koby Abberton


The Sydney Morning Herald - Sport

The Age - Sport

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Pro Wrestling

Professional Wrestling.....with Greg Tingle

The Glory Days of Australian Professional Wrestling

Wrestling Directory

John "Vulcan" Seru

What The Gaming Has Said About Professional Wrestling Over The Years

Wrestling Promoters Down Under

What is indy wrestling?

WWE Wrestling returns to Australia - 15th May 2003

Gaming Man Australia interviews Vaughan Buckland, Championship Jelly Wrestling - 7th October 2003

A walk on the wildside, by Kimberly E. Mock - 10th July 2003

Jesse Ventura: Wrestling with politics, by Greg Tingle

Check out Pro Wrestling Legends, by Greg Tingle

Check our interviews with legends including Harley Race, Jack "The Snake" Roberts and Dan Severn

Interview: Les Thatcher, Wrestling Trainer - 1st October 2003

On The Mike, with Mike Altamura - Article on Steve Corino

Mike Altamura - profile

Kurt Angle - profile

Steve Rackman - profile

Wrestling Then & Now section

WWE News (from


Going 'Surfin.....with Greg Tingle

Surfing Directory

The Coastal Directory

Check out The Australian Surfing Portal, by Greg Tingle

Check our interviews with surfing figures like Dion Appel, Founder of LifeLounge

Interview: Mike Antipower, Musician, The Vivisectors (Surf Rock) - 8th September 2003

Interview: Brad Carroll, Director, Standing Eight Surf Skate Sounds Street - 1st September 2003

Interview: Mal Jago, Coastal Watch Technologies

Gaming Man Australia: public thank you and endorsement: Standing Eight, Surf & Skate and Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

Article: The Surf Carnival, by Ross Renwick

Article: Into the jaws of a monster - 20th April 2004

Deep Trouble - Koby Abberton Rides A Different Kind Of Barrel


In The Red Corner.....with Greg Tingle

Boxing Directory

Article: What Makes a Boxing Champion, by Greg Tingle

Article: The Shitville Pub, by Ross Renwick

Interview: Rusty Rosenburger, Author & Retired Boxer

Unclaimed Destiny - The Heart of a Champion, by Dane Crandon

Interview: Jeff Fenech, Retired Australian Boxing Champion




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